Issue #119 – April 2023


• John Planta Spinning Wheel
• A Brantford-Style Spinning Wheel by T. ELLIS
• On the Feathers, or Fly, or Wings
• In Memoriam: Susie Seay Henzie


Highlights From This Issue

In this issue we learn about the restoration of a late 18th-century parlor wheel and about a rare example of a Canadian great wheel. Wear marks on flyers are studied and a long-time supporter and contributor is remembered.

John Planta Spinning Wheel

David Bryant describes how he restored a parlor wheel built by John Planta, which has a John Antis cam system, for the Jane Austen House and Museum. When the museum decided that Jane was never a spinner, he and Valerie found another home for this lovely wheel.

A Brantford-Style Spinning Wheel by T. ELLIS

With help from her son, Erika Keller was able to acquire a Brantford-style great wheel marked T. ELLIS. She explains how it differs from the other known examples and what she was able to find about men named Ellis in 19th-century Ontario.

On the Feathers, or Fly, or Wings

Closely examining several flyers, Barbara Livesey discovered wear marks of different sizes. Two articles in early issues of SWS helped her figure out their purpose and improve her spinning on empty bobbins. She explains her “underside-of-the-eye and over-the-neck technique.”

In Memoriam: Susie Seay Henzie

Recently I learned that Susie Henzie, a longtime supporter of the newsletter and a friend, had died last year. I share memories of her and her contributions.