Hand Loom Supplement #24 – April 2024


• Pennsylvania German Cantilevered Looms
• My Second Weaver Rose Loom
• Two Distinctive Band Looms
• A Two-Person Tape Loom
• Restoring a Tape Loom With a Floating Heddle


In this edition we learn about a structural style of loom found in eastern Pennsylvania and a loom that belonged to a well-known weaver in Rhode Island. A variety of tape or band looms are discussed: two distinctive floor-standing band looms from well-known weaving teachers; a tape loom constructed for two people to weave on; and a restored small, tabletop tape loom.

Pennsylvania German Cantilevered Looms

At a Loom Mechanics class Erika Keller discovered cantilevered looms. She recognized that there were many examples of them in her region of Pennsylvania. As she began to study them, she found several common features. She describes them and how they work.

My Second Weaver Rose Loom

When Norma Smadya of the Saunderstown Weaving School in Saunderstown, RI, was offered a loom attributed to Weaver Rose, an early 20th-century traditional weaver, she accepted it even though it was in pieces. After the loom was put together and compared to another loom belonging to Weaver Rose, she realized that it was older and may have belonged to his maternal grandparents who were also handweavers.

Two Distinctive Band Looms

Also in the collection of the Saunderstown Weaving School are two floor-standing band looms that belonged to well-known weaving teachers Berta Frey and Sylvia Pocock. Norma Smayda and Janet Cooper tell us the history of the looms and how they work.

A Two-Person Tape Loom

Brenda Page acquired a tape loom at an auction that was designed for two weavers to work on at the same time. She describes how it is constructed. Although she was told that it was “Shaker,” she was unable to find any confirmation, so its origins remain a mystery.

Restoring a Tape Loom With a Floating Heddle

After studying it carefully, Zephram de Colbi was able to restore a small, tabletop tape loom from the collection of Eleanor Bittle. By adding a few pieces, he constructed a floating heddle, and the loom is functional again.