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Robert Webster spinning wheel, marked INVENTOR R. WEBSTER, SALOP

Issue #122 – January 2024

• Samuel Thorp & Robert Webster Spinning Wheels
• A Surprising Great Wheel
• Nute Spinning-Wheel Factory
• Thoughts on Terminology

Cantilevered loom from the Kitty Bell and Ron Walter Collection at the National Museum of the American Coverlet in Bedford, PA.

Hand Loom Supplement #24 – April 2024

• Pennsylvania German Cantilevered Looms
• My Second Weaver Rose Loom
• Two Distinctive Band Looms
• A Two-Person Tape Loom
• Restoring a Tape Loom With a Floating Heddle

• A Fly-Shuttle Rocker-Beater Loom
• Frank Ogden, Master Weaver
• A Weaving Apprenticeship
• An 18th Century Weaver’s House
• The Nadeau Hand-Skill Loom
• Guildcraft Silent Speed Loom
• Guildcraft-Thackeray Looms Brochure

• Reels by Horton Row
• Reuben Row
• A Compact Click Reel
• A Well-Loved Swedish Heirloom Wheel
• Scandinavian Turned-Table Wheels
• A Norwegian-Style Wheel With Metal Spokes

• A Simple Box of Weaving Equipment
• Joseph Lauser’s Loom Head
• Large Rigid-Heddle Rug Looms
• The “Bardo” Rug Loom
• The “Bumper” Loom
• Three-Treadle Weaving Indicators
• Looms of the Chimayo Weavers
• Inquiry: A “Heddle Board”

• A 300-Year-Old Blanket Broadloom
• Loom From Weaver Rose
• The Eureka Loom
• A Modest Lady’s Inkle Loom

• The Rocker-Beater Loom
• A Shaker Loom in Question
• A Ukranian Loom in British Columbia
• A Loom from Telemark, Norway
• Teaching Weaving in India
• Index to Supplements #1 to #5