Mark on Silent Speed Loom

Mark on Silent Speed Loom
The Guildcraft Silent Speed-Loom
(unclear text)
Designed and Produced by
The Guild of All Arts
Scarborough, Ontariao


Silent speed looms from brochure. (Silent Speed Looms, 1937)

Silent speed looms from brochure.
Image of a woman, seated, weaving on a loom.
–In Every Home And–
The Guildcraft Silent Speed Looms
12″ model
Weaves 12″ x 54″, $14.50. Extension Increases Length to 72″, $1.95.
16″ Model
Weaves 16″ x 66″, $18.50
Extension Increases Length to 84″, $2.25
The Fastest and Simplest Hand Looms Known
(Silent Speed Looms, 1937)


Rocker-beater loom with fly shuttle mechanism. Front view.

Front view of a fly-shuttle rocker-beater loom. A large, 4-shaft jack loom, warped, with some weaving on it.


1899 Tioga County [PA] directory listing

1899 Tioga County [PA] directory listing.
Text: Delmar Township Directory 121
Frank K. Ogden
Wellsboro, Tioga CO., PA.
Rag Carpets and Rugs, Wollen Blankets and Sheeting-and Manufacturer of Horse Blankets and Breast Shileds to Order. Designs of Carpets and Rugs Furnished as Reasonable Rates.
R. [5?]4, Near Corporation Line.


Cover of Guildcraft-Thackeray Looms Brochure, c. 1938

The cover of a Guildcraft-Thackeray Looms Brochure from The Guild of All Arts, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, from around 1938.