Hand Looms Supplements: The First Ten Years


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Tables of contents available in the product description for Supplements 6, 7, 9, and 10.


This compilation includes Hand Looms Supplements 1–10, 1998 – 2007

Index of Hand Looms Supplements #1-20

Supplement #10, June 2007

A Scale Drawing for a Late 18th-Century Pennsylvania Loom
by Marjie Thompson
Rediscovering Roger Lawrence’s Looms
by Sue Jones
Three-Shaft Weaving
by Janet Meany
A Reconstruction of John Murphy’s “Diaper” Harness
by Patricia Hilts

Hand Looms Supplement #9 – April 2006

A Simple Box of Weaving Equipment
by Sandra Rux
Joseph Lauser’s Loom Head
by Marjie Thompson
Large Rigid-Heddle Rug Looms
The “Bardo” Rug Loom
by Elaine Hunchuck DeFrank
The “Bumper” Loom
by Kay Carnahan
Three-Treadle Weaving Indicators
by Cindy Ruisink
Looms of the Chimayo Weavers
by Florence Feldman-Wood
Inquiry: A “Heddle Board”

Hand Looms Supplement #7 – June 2004

A 300-Year-Old Blanket Broadloom
by Alan Raistrick
Loom From Weaver Rose
by Norma Smayda
The Eureka Loom
by Richard Dippold
A Modest Lady’s Inkle Loom
by Florence Feldman-Wood

Hand Looms Supplement #6 – June 2003

The Rocker-Beater Loom
by Phyllis Dean
A Shaker Loom in Question
by Marjie Thompson
A Ukranian Loom in British Columbia
by Lyn Ivens
A Loom from Telemark, Norway
by Janet Meany
Teaching Weaving in India
by Nancy Greenleaf
Index to Supplements #1 to #5
prepared by Pat and David Bownas

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