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Our more than 75 Back Issues contain a wealth of information about spinning wheels and related tools .There are several ways to find the back issue that has the information you want, this Back Issues page, the Index, and the Hot Topics lists, and the new CD, The Spinning Wheel Sleuth, The First Ten Years.

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 •  Issue #93 - July 2016 - Details and Images
Castle Wheels in Lancaster County, PA; The Kinsey Family of Spinning-Wheel Makers; The Wind Mountain Spinner
 •  Issue #92 - April 2016 - Details and Images
Alan Brenkley: A Colorful Spinning-Wheel Maker in New Zealand; Main's and Bryce's Patent Wheels; A Track Wheel Model; A Wheel Marked IOHN BROWN and a Postcard; A Swiss Flax Wheel Donation
 •  Issue #91 - January 2016 - Details and Images
An Unusual Boudoir Spinning Wheel; Granville Swanney, the Last Maker of Orkney Wheels; Two Old Orkney Spinning Wheels; Spanish Colonial Spinning Wheels in San Diego, California
 •  Issue #90 - October 2015 - Details and Images
A Great Wheel From Virginia; Identifying a Phineas Wood Great Wheel; Addendum: Another Vermont Great Wheel; The Morison Story
 •  Issue #89 - July 2015 - Details and Images
Another Variation on Double-Wheel, Double Treadle Spinning Wheels; A Pendulum Wheel by Horton Row; Update on Rare Double-Treadle Accelerated Spinning Wheels; Finding Elie Laporte
 •  Issue #88 - April 2015 - Details and Images
Ancient Distaffs; A Clock Reel Marked E. FROST 1823; A Decorated Hatchel and A Dual-Purpose Device; An Intriguing Flyer/Bobbin Arrangement; A "Debbi" Wheel by C. Norman Hicks
 •  Issue #87 - January 2015 - Details and Images
Rare Double-Treadle Accelerated Spinning Wheel; Marks on Patented Pendulum Wheels; A Double-Flyer Charkha Excerpts from "The Bageshwari Charkha" ; Folk Wheel HP S713
 •  Issue #86 - October 2014 - Details and Images
Building a Great Wheel; Two New York Great Wheels; Ontario Wheels with Lathe-Turned Tables; Miles Winchester Great Wheel
 •  Issue #85 - July 2014 - Details and Images
Henry Miller's Improvement on Wheel; Francis Nixon Patented Spinning Wheel; A Swiss Spinning Wheel Found in California; Inscribed Hetchels
 •  Issue #84 - April 2014 - Details and Images
Beardsley Sanford and Alpheus Webster, Men of Many Wheels; Tilden and Pierce Great Wheels and Skein Winders; Textile Tools Revealed by Sudden Death; Locating Canadian Patents
 •  Issue #83 - January 2014 - Details and Images
The Strickland Silent Spinner; The American Traveler Wheel; Identifying the SWSO
 •  Issue #82 - October 2013 - Details and Images
A Charles Regeimbal Spinning Wheel From Northwest Minnesota; A Papier-mâché Spinning Wheel; Another Spinning Wheel in a Cabinet; The Story of the Mohawk Valley Hetchel
 •  Issue #81 - July 2013 - Details and Images
Horton Row, Ontario Wheel Maker; Update: Londonderry, NH, Wheels; Rullman and Barker's "Iowa Spinner"; Gauthier French Folding Wheel
 •  Issue #80 - April 2013 - Details and Images
The "McIntosh" Spinning Wheel Adventure; The 1798 McIntosh Double-Flyer Wheel; Flat-Rim Spinning Wheels; A Turkish-Style Spinning Wheel With Boxwood Parts
 •  Issue #79 - January 2013 - Details and Images
Variations on a Joel Farnham Flax Wheel; The Farnham Family of Owego, NY; Restoring an Azel Wilder Great Wheel; The Wilders of Keene, NH; Inquiry: Was This Wheel Made by Wilder or Pierce?; Thoughts on 20 Years of SWS
 •  Issue #78 - October 2012 - Details and Images
Spinning Wheel, Sitting Distaff, and Spindle From Hungary; How To Spin Using A Sitting Distaff; Henry Zuber, Pennsylvania "Turner"; Two Freestanding Umbrella Swifts
 •  Issue #77 - July 2012 - Details and Images
Spinning Wheels Marked "Desjardins"; Charles Regeimbal, Spinning Wheel Maker from Quebec; Inquiry: Two Metal Spinning Wheels; Scandinavian Spinning Wheels Revisited; ClacketyClack! Rings on Spokes!
 •  Issue #76 - April 2012 - Details and Images
Keim Family Spinning Wheels - Part 2; Update on Skinner Patent Wheels; Peaks Island's Shaker Great Wheel; Another All-in-One Dutch Spinning Wheel; Betty Roberts, Spinning- Wheel Maker
 •  Issue #75 - January 2012 - Details and Images
Keim Family Spinning Wheels - Part 1; All-in-One Dutch Spinning Wheel; A "Chapeau de Gendarme" Reel; Two More One-of-A-Kind Spinning Wheels; Strange Spinning Wheel with a Horizontal Drive Wheel
 •  Issue #74 - October 2011 - Details and Images
My Cast-Iron Spinning Wheel—Finally Restored; Earl R. Oman, Master Craftsman of Spinning Wheels; An Unusual Connecticut Vertical Wheel; An Unusual Split-Table Wheel; A Spinning Wheel With a Hinged Table in New Zealand; Update: Shaker Swifts Revisited; Inquiry: A Squirrel-Cage Swift With Three Cages; Book Review
 •  Issue #73 - July 2011 - Details and Images
Jacob Shaw's Patented Spinning Wheel; Notes from Ron Antoine about Aurora Colony Wheels; Constructing a Child's Great Wheel; Variations on Spindle Heads; Update: Another Ohio Spinning Wheel Maker; Three One-of-a-Kind Spinning Wheels
 •  Issue #72 - April 2011 - Details and Images
Tow or Hemp Wheels; Two European Upright Wheels: Questions and Answers; A Karelian Spinning Wheel; A Great Wheel with Two Accelerating Wheels; Book Review
 •  Issue #71 - January 2011 - Details and Images
A Scandinavian Spinning Wheel; The Normandy Spindle Wheel: A Unique Hybrid; A Book About Finnish Spinning Wheels; Canadian Production Wheels-Other Makers; Inquiry: An Unsigned Canadian Production Wheel
 •  Issue #70 - October 2010 - Details and Images
Vertical Spinners for Home Use; Two Ohio Spinning-Wheel Makers; Paradis Spinning Wheels From St. André; Characteristics of Paradis and Desjardins Spinning Wheels
 •  Issue #69 - July 2010 - Details and Images
The Hopkins Family of Litchfield, CT; The Bordua Family of Spinning-Wheel Makers; An Unusual Bobbin-Filling Mechanism in New Zealand
 •  Issue #68 - April 2010 - Details and Images
Moving Spindles—on Tracks; A Brief Guide to CPW Makers; The Cadorette Family of St. Hyacinthe, Quebec
 •  Issue #67 - January 2010 - Details and Images
Moving Spindles—on Ways; Exhibit Review; What Is a Canadian Production Wheel?; A Clarification; Inquiry: Norwegian Ball Winders
 •  Issue #66 - October 2009 - Details and Images
The Freeman Green Pendulum Wheel; A Pendulum Wheel Marked M. S. Morehouse; Comparing Two Cast-Iron Spinning Wheels; Internal U-Shaped Axle Cranks - Part 1: On a Norwegian Wheel; Part 2: On New Zealand Wheels; Names and Initials - Part 1: A Sturdevant Brand; Part 2: The Initials MD
 •  Issue #65 - July 2009 - Details and Images
Miller/Lee Small Spindle Wheels and Reels; Three Other Spinning-Wheel Makers in Western Pennsylvania; The M. WRIGHT Great Wheel; A Wheel Marked D. BELCHER; An Unusual "T-Top" Double-Flyer Wheel; Two Double-Flyer Dutch Spinning Wheels
 •  Issue #64 - April 2009 - Details and Images
Identifying Miller/Lee Spinning Wheels; A "T-Top" Double-Flyer Wheel; Two-Handed Spinning: One Spinner’s Experience; About Axle Cranks
 •  Issue #63 - January 2009 - Details and Images
Spinning Wheels From Thailand; The Maltese Wheel; An Argentinean Spinning Wheel; Metal Spinning Wheels
 •  Issue #62 - October 2008 - Details and Images
An X-Frame Pendulum Wheel; The History of the Pendulum Wheel; A "Unique" Flax Wheel; Addendum: Jameson’s Boudoir Wheels; A Different Kind of Quiller; Two Images of Textile Tools; Flax Spinning in Silesia
 •  Issue #61 - July 2008 - Details and Images
Two Spinning-Wheel Makers of the Golden Gate, Finding Roderick the Miller, John Jameson's Boudoir or Carriage Wheels, Wheel to Winders
 •  Issue #60 - April 2008 - Details and Images
Flyer-Frame Spinning Wheels in New Zealand, Timothy Dewey Brown Found!, Bat's-Head Bobbin Winder or Spindle Wheel, Scutching Mills Revisited, An Unusual Drive Wheel
 •  Issue #59 - January 2008 - Details and Images
The Young Family of Spinning-Wheel Builders, The Eclipse Spinner, Grant Betzner, Spinning-Wheel Collector, W. J. Robidoux, Spinning-Wheel Maker, New Ways to Research Spinning Wheels and Their Makers, Albert Graves, A Canadian Wheel Maker, Another Canadian Wheel-Head Maker
 •  Issue #58 - October 2007 - Details and Images
A Spinning Wheel Marked IOHN SMITH, WRENTHAM, Col. John Smith, Wheelwright, Walter Mathews, Spinning-Wheel Maker From Southern California, More About A-Frame Wheels and U-Shaped Axle Cranks, Two Very Unusual Spinning Wheels
 •  Issue #57 - July 2007 - Details and Images
Spinning on a Handful of Hand-Turned Flyer Wheels, Internal Cranks and Dave Pennington, Spinning-Wheel Collector, A Converted Pennsylvania "Spooling Wheel", Scutching Wheel, Scutching Machine, or Swingling Mill?, Updates
 •  Issue #56 - April 2007 - Details and Images
Discovering a Handspindle Tradition in America, A Tale of Two Connecticut Great Wheels, Brass Bearings on Great Wheels, An Unusual Spinning Wheel From Hungary, Two Unusual Spinning Wheels
 •  Issue #55 - January 2007 - Details and Images
A Bangkok Spindle Wheel, Is This Queen Victoria's Spinning Wheel?, A Unique Spinning Wheel in British Columbia, A Giant Wheel, What Wheel Measurements Do You Take and Why?, Updates
 •  Issue #54 - October 2006 - Details and Images
Three Hackles, Accelerating Wheel Heads: A Comparison, Head Hunting, Moses Demming and Wheel Heads, An Ambidextrous Great Wheel, A Gallery of Unusual Wheel Heads, Corn-Husk Bearings
 •  Issue #53 - July 2006 - Details and Images
Alfred Andresen, Spinning-Wheel Entrepreneur, Spinning Wheels in the Alfred Andresen Catalog, My Cast-Iron Spinning Wheel, Decorated Hetchels - Part 2
 •  Issue #52 - April 2006 - Details and Images
A Dominy Family Textile Tool, Decorated Hetchels - Part 1, Musical Niddy-Noddie, A skinner-Style Bobbin Winder, The Turkish Wheel, Two Turkish Textile Tools, A German Double-Flyer Spinning Wheel
 •  Issue #51 - January 2006 - Details and Images
Scandinavian Spinning Wheels in the Midwest, Horizontal Norwegian Spinning Wheels, Two Unusual Norwegian Spinning Wheels, Update: Flax Boxes, Three Spinning Boxes
 •  Issue #50 - October 2005 - Details and Images
Skinner/Howland Patent Wheel Revisited, Beneath the Grime and Crime: A Spinning Wheel Encrusted, Two Embellished Spinning Wheels, An Unusual Upright Spinning Wheel, Inquiry: A Flax Box
 •  Issue #49 - July 2005 - Details and Images
Two Pennsylvania Great Wheels, The Browning Spinning Wheel, A Mystery Object in the Cummer Collection, Nels Wiberg, Spinning-Wheel Maker, A Talk With a Spinning Wheel, How a Latvian Spinning Wheel Gained Freedom
 •  Issue #48 - April 2005 - Details and Images
Londonderry, NH Flax Wheels, Hugh Ramsey, Spinning-Wheel Maker, The Moulin Flamande, Update: Silk Reelers
 •  Issue #47 - January 2005 - Details and Images
A Special Reeves Spinning Wheel, Herb Myers: A Western U.S. Spinning-Wheel Maker, A History of the Attache-Sized Charkha, Re-creating the Canadian Production Wheel, In Memoriam: Dorothy Burnham, Update on Patent Holder Timothy Dewey Brown, Index to Issues #1 - 46
 •  Issue #46 - October 2004 - Details and Images
Of Bat's Heads and Direct-Drive Spindles, Two Canadian Pendulum Wheels, How Pendulum Wheels Work, Spinning Wheels in Old Inventories, Remembering Joan Cummer.
 •  Issue #45 - July 2004 - Details and Images
A Rare Form of Accelerated Flax Wheel, Spinning Wheels of Nova Scotia, Silk-Reeling Equipment From Japan, A Digital Collection of Distaffs.
 •  Issue #44 - April 2004 - Details and Images
Shaker Umbrella Swifts, Counterclockwise Reels, A Small Tilden Wheel, Captain Calvin Tilden, Spinning-Wheel Maker, Double Spindle Posts on Great Wheels, Book Review of Spinning Wheels and Accessories by David A. Pennington and Michael B. Taylor, Koedek.
 •  Issue #43 - January 2004 - Details and Images
A Visit to the Ashford Handcraft Center, Restoring a Hathorn Spinning Wheel, George H. Hathorn and His Patent, John Henry Nuteis Handspinner, The Hathorn-Nute Connection.
 •  Issue #42 - October 2003 - Details and Images
Dorothy Budge Kirk: A Profile, An Unusual Canadian Great Wheel, And Still More on Tilt Tension, Three Spinning Wheels at Colonial Williamsburg, A "Tilden" Wheel at the Shelburne Museum, Spinning Wheels in Iceland.
 •  Issue #41 - July 2003 - Details and Images
Wool Combs and Wool Combing, Give Me a Break, Randle Holme on Wool Combs, A French-Canadian Picardy, An Unusual Spinning Wheel from Quebec, Another Tilt-Tensioning Device.
 •  Issue #40 - April 2003 - Details and Images
Flax Processing Tools, The Sitting Distaffs of East-Central Europe, Randle Holme on Flax Processing Tools, Spinning Wheels on eBay.
 •  Issue #39 - January 2003 Details and Images
Gandhian Book Charkha, Elsie Davenport's Spinning Wheel, Research by Florence Feldman-Wood, Soloman Plant and His Customers, The Spinning Wheel That Went to Harvard, Ordering Instructions for Index to Issues #1 - #38.

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