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Spinning Wheel Postcards

The postcard set features six rare and unusual spinning wheels from my collection.

The photographs for the postcards were taken by my husband, Peter T. Wood, Jr.
The format is 4"x6" cards in color.
They are in packets of six (one of each image).
The price is $7 per packet, $6 for subscribers.

Click Here for an Adobe Acrobat order form, or make check payable to and mail to:
The Spinning Wheel Sleuth
PO Box 422
Andover, MA 01810

Spinning wheels find me. I don't go looking to buy them. In the course of the last ten years, eight antique wheels have come to live with me. They join the three contemporary wheels on which I spin. Some of the antiques are functional. And yes, in the Bownas manner, each one has a name: Sophia, Greta, Jolene, Anna-Lise, Bethsheba (after Solomon Plant's mother) and T. D.

In most cases friends or readers told me about them. In one case a woman came to ask whether what she had was in fact a spinning wheel. I told her it was and offered to buy it from her. That is the double-wheel, double-treadle Farnham-like wheel. This wheel is also in a subset of three wheels that were restored by the late Bill Ralph. The other two are the A-frame and the Solomon Plant double-flyer wheels.

The wheels range in size from the 2-foot-long hand-cranked Turkish wheel to the 7-foot-long T. D. Brown patented moving-spindle wheel. Sometimes I acquired the wheel because I had been researching the wheel maker (the Solomon Plant and the T. D. Brown), or I did research after I obtained the wheel to learn more about it (the Turkish wheel and the double-wheel, double-treadle). The others I bought just because I think that they are beautiful and elegant (the tripod-frame and the A-frame).

To learn more about the wheels on the postcards check the Back Issues page for the appropriate issue. Some are out of print, but photocopies are available for $2 each plus postage.

Hand-cranked Turkish Wheel
Horizontal bobbin/flyer spinning wheel, hand-cranked drive wheel and second accelerating wheel. Probably from Turkey.
See Issues #4 and #52.

Vertical Spinning Wheel
Vertical spinning wheel with bobbin/flyer unit below the drive wheel on tripod frame. Probably by Daniel Danner (1803-1881), Mannheim, PA.
See Issues #4, #32, and #35.

Double Wheel, Double Treadle
Double-wheel, double-treadle spinning wheel. Similar to one marked "J. Farnham" for Joel Farnham (1774-1858), Owego, Tioga County, NY. See Issues #15 and #18.

Horizontal Spinning Wheel with A-frame
Horizontal bobbin/flyer spinning wheel with elegant A-frame.
See Issues #4, #9, and #52.

Solomon Plant Double Flyer Wheel
Double-flyer spinning wheel with drive wheel below. Marked SP for Solomon Plant (1741- 1822), Stratford, CT.
See Issues #31 and #39.

Moving-spindle Accordion Arm Wheel
Moving-spindle spinning wheel with an accordion arm. Marked "Clipper Spinner" patented  by Timothy Dewey Brown, 1883 in Canada.
See Issues #23, #47, and #60.


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