A-Frame Spinning Wheel

The Spinning Wheel Sleuth is the only periodical devoted exclusively to spinning wheels and related tools. Our goal is to collect, exchange, and share information about spinning wheels before the wheels and the material about them are completely lost.

Universally used before the industrial age, the variations in spinning wheels are endless. We study all aspects of wheel structures: unusual and ordinary, historic and contemporary,
as well as regional and ethnic variations. We research the biographies of wheel makers and discuss repairs and restorations.

Useful to spinners, spinning-wheel collectors, and textile researchers, this information can also help curators at historical societies and museums to identify some of the objects in their collections.

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What You'll Find In The Spinning Wheel Sleuth

Our more than 75 Back Issues contain a wealth of information. There are several ways to find the back issue that has the information you want, the Back Issues page, the Index, and the Hot Topics list, and the new CD, The Spinning Wheel Sleuth, The First Ten Years.

Danner A Spinning Wheel

Read our Sample Article from Issue #34, in which the owners of (would you believe?) 100 spinning wheels, Pat and David Bownas share some useful advice on what to look for in your own quests.

See pictures from recent exhibits of spinning wheels organized by several contributors to The Spinning Wheel Sleuth. View them at Spinning Wheel Displays.

New Hand Loom Supplement #19 is now available. These annual publications use the same format as the quarterly newsletter and focus on hand looms, both antique and modern. Learn more about them at Hand Looms Supplements.

Hand Looms, Supplement #1 to #10 is a CD containing PDFs of Supplements #1 to #10, 1998 to 2007. An index for those issues is included. Order online or by mail here.

Other SWS Products include the Spinning-Wheel Maker List and Spinning wheel postcards.

For basic information about spinning wheels, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page which also includes links to spinning-wheel related sites.

Spinning Wheel Lectures - Florence Feldman-Wood, editor/ publisher of The Spinning Wheel Sleuth, offers a series of lectures about spinning wheels. See Lectures for more information.

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